Alone, I am disabled
Together we are

Our Community

We are a community of patients, doctors, scientists, and stakeholders. We are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, friends, classmates, colleagues, and investors. We have all seen or felt the effects of GNE Myopathy (GNEM).

We have witnessed the successes and failures in medicine and we recognize that significant strides towards developing more effective treatments happen only when we all remain engaged and relentless in the pursuit of a cure.

Orphina is as much a calling as a company. Our goals go far beyond merely improving healthcare outcomes – we are seeking a cure.


Our Values

Our values shape our moral compass, and guide our path forward. Most importantly, all of our work begins and ends with our patients, and we value their health and wellbeing above all.

We value rapid innovation over profit margins, developing cures over improving chronic healthcare, and collaborating over obtaining credit for our work. At our core, we simply value the benefits of our work to society far above any return on investment we could hope to achieve, and this is reflected in everything we do.